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Aerial view of Cartwright, Manitoba

Welcome to Cartwright, Mather, and the Cartwright-Roblin Municipality.

Cartwright is a village in southwestern Manitoba, Canada.  Just 13 kilometres east of Cartwright you will find Mather.  Both of these communities reside in the newly amalgamated Cartwright-Roblin Municipality.

Box 9 Cartwright, Manitoba, Canada

R0K 0L0

Telephone Canada 1-204-529-2363  

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Some locals were involved in this project! Penny and Brian Burton are the Yellow combine to the right of all the red Case ones and Collin McDonald is to their right. Jamie Dousselaere was also in there somewhere and Henry Wolf is the 2nd red combine, a Massey. Alan Melvin is driving the red vintage combine. The event was hosted (and the harvest was led) by Dennis and Betty Turner of Killarney and the video was shot by Brian Archibald. It was truly a memorable and emotional occasion. 

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