Personal Safety

Personal Safety

No matter where you work, live, or play, reducing the risk of violence or becoming a victim of crime is a matter of increasing your awareness and planning your actions.

What to do to increase your safety:

 Have good locks installed in doors and windows.

 Buy a personal alarm that will keep ringing when dropped.

 Change your walking or jogging route regularly and keep to main paths. Exercise with a friend.

 Take a self-defence or safety awareness course.

 Call someone before you leave so they know when to expect you.

What to do before leaving your house:

 Have good locks on all windows and doors and use them.

 Make sure your home looks lived in, not empty.

 Leave curtains and blinds in normal positions.

 Use timers to turn on and off lights and radios at proper times.

 Have a trusted neighbour keep an eye on your home and put out the garbage for you if necessary.

 Have your lawn mowed and mail and papers collected.

 Install and test smoke, carbon monoxide, and burglar alarms.

 Call forward your phone.

What to do when travelling:

 Never carry large amounts of cash.

 Carry your purse under your arm or wallet in an inside pocket.

 Do not identify your keys with your name or address.

 Never advertise your travel plans to strangers.

 Be aware of your surroundings and remain in well-lit areas.

 Use the centre of sidewalks away from hiding places.

 If you feel uncomfortable, cross the street or leave the area.

 If you feel uncomfortable stopping to help stranded people, assist them by phoning for help.

 Do not carry air tickets or passports in open view. Label your luggage and keep it locked.

What to do if you think someone is breaking into your house:

 If you are just coming home and see signs of a break-in, go to a neighbour’s home and phone 911.

 If you are home at the time, turn on the lights, and call out loudly.

 Phone 911 as soon as possible.

What to do if you think someone is following you:

 Let the person know you are aware of them by looking directly at them.

 Walk directly to a place where people are and ask for help.

 Phone 911.

What to do if you are attacked:    

 Do not freeze and do not panic.

 Try to get someone’s help by yelling “Fire”, “Stop”, or “No”.

 Use whatever force you feel is necessary to escape.

 Use a personal alarm device.