Cartwright Community School Advisory Council

 Cartwright Community School Advisory Council

This Community group first organized in 1982 with a purpose of fostering closer relationships between staff, parents, children and the community.  This council has been valuable in helping our rural students experience a wider variety of personalities, events and activities.

CCSAC runs various fundraising activities throughout the year, a major one being the Community "Birthday" Calandars, in order to subsidize the swimming lessons that are offered to students in Grads 1 - 8 annually.

With money raised from fundraising, the CCSAC financially assists many school activiites.  They have been involved with a number of programs over the years including: Artists in the School; Band; Book Fairs; Milk Program; School Photos; Curl Canada; Prairie Theatre Exchange; Encounters Canada; Magazine Sales; Swim Program; Driver Education Program ; and they also sponsored a Library Assistant for the school.

CCSAC meets monthly from September to May (usually the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:15 pm at the school).  Generally there is a parent on the council to represent each grade.  All parents are encouraged and invited to attend the meetings and take part.

The CCSAC currently runs the 100 CLUB Fundraiser to subsidize the Swim Program. Squares are sold in September and 10 draws of $100 are done throughout the year.