Cartwright-Mather Health Auxiliary

Cartwright-Mather Health Auxiliary

The Cartwright-Mather Health (Hospital) Auxiliary was first organized in 1947 when assurance was given that a hospital was to be built in Cartwright.  Initially they gathered and supplied all the linens, bedding, dishes, and utensils necessary for the hospital. 

Now the purpose of the Auxiliary is to add to the comfort of the residents at the Davidson Memorial Health Centre.  The Auxiliary has supplied stereo and audio equipment, bibs and towels, rides to church, donated funds to buy Christmas gifts for residents, and made Christmas Dainty trays for seniors at Christmas. 

The Auxiliary also gives a $300 yearly bursary to a student entering the field of Health.

The Auxiliary meets about once a month and organize Tea & Bake Sales twice as year as fundraisers. 


Mobility aids available for loan include collapsible wheelchair, walker, canes, quad cane, shower commode, toilet risers, crutches, etc.  To borrow any item, please call Lynn at Senior Services at 529-2590.

No charge, although donations are welcome - Cartwright-Mather Hospital Auxilary.

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