Age Friendly Council

Age Friendly Council for the Village of Cartwright and the RM of Roblin

The Age Friendly Manitoba Initiative supports seniors in leading active, socially engaged, independent lives that contribute to healthy aging. 

 An Age Friendly Community :

  • Recognizes the diversity among older Manitobans
  • Encourages healthy, active aging
  • Supports the contributions of older Manitobans
  • Promotes the participation of older Manitobans in all aspects of our community
  • Engages stake holders in building age-friendly communities
  • Creates accessible, safe environments for older adults
  • Treats people of all ages with respect

 On March 31, 2008, the Village of Cartwright and the RM of Roblin formed an Age Friendly Council.  After the community survey, which was held at Wellness Day in November of 2008, an action plan for the community came into place.  

The mandate of this committee is to raise awarness of the benefits and importance of an age friendly community.  With the help of the communities of Cartwright, Mather and the RM of Roblin, the whole community was assessed to ensure policies, services and structures are accessible to allow for security, good health and full participation in society. (ie: easy access to sidwalks, businesses and washrooms, for seniors, disabled and parents with small children)

 A grant was received from Manitoba Seniors & Healthy Aging Secretariate.  The Village of Cartwright project was to help the Merry Makers to pay for structural and plumbing removations for a wheel chair accessible washroom in the facility.  The RM of Roblin project was to purchase Age Friendly benches for Rock Lake.  Both projects each received $1000.

As a committee, it was felt that the local community washrooms - churches, restaurants, halls and golf club - were in need of becoming more Age Friendly.  These groups were more than obliging to add handrails in public washrooms.  Steps were painted yellow in the core area of the village for better visability, the Centennial Hall made their sidewalk more accessible for walkers and wheel chairs and put up wheel chair parking signs.  These are small things, but essential for all ages to feel welcome in our community.

The Age Friendly Council for the Village of Cartwright and the RM of Roblin are:  Lynn Froese, Velma Ireland, Joan Ostrom, Donna Ganske, Ron McCormick.

We would appreciate your input into making our community Age Friendly.  The Age Friendly Council is also looking for more council members. 

 If you have suggestions, comments, or would like to know more about this organization, please call Lynn at (204) 529-2590  or, go to the "Contact Us" on the homepage.

View the following attachments to see the Council's 5 year plan for the community, and to read more about the findings of the Age Friendly Manitoba findings.