Immigration Information

Welcome to Cartwright-Roblin Municipality

Roblin-Cartwright Community Development Corporation agreed to pursue a project of attracting newcomers to our community using immigration as a tool.  A community meeting was held to give information to local businesses about the immigration process and how skilled workers could be found to fill skilled worker vacancies.  Cartwright has a strong manufacturing businesses base and these businesses were finding it difficult to fill labor shortages.

The first success was in April 2004 and to date (March 2008) 16 families (70 people) have moved to within the Village of Cartwright and the RM of Roblin.  They herald from a variety of countries and continents including England, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Israel and Bolivia.  These newcomers have been welcomed to our community.

The influx of children into our local school has expanded the dynamics and teaching methods have been adapted to accommodate needs.  Integration into the community has been an ever-evolving process and new classes and social groups have developed, again responding to need.  Cartwright hosts an English as Additional Language Classes on a weekly basis and groups for mothers and young children have begun.  Social events are held to encourage development of friendships and interests between local and international backgrounds.

Most newcomers make an exploratory visit to the community to meet prospective employers, view housing and visit schools.  A tour of the community is arranged through the Community Development Corporation and municipal employees are always eager and willing to answer questions and assist whenever needed.

For all newcomers Welcome wagon is provided

If you are interested in touring our community and seeking employment, please do not hesitate to contact us.  At the time of your visit we can arrange for you to meet other newcomers to Cartwright-Roblin Municipality to chat and exchange news.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family.

Dustin Mymko

Community Development Officer
Contact Us via our web contact form
Telephone – 204-529-2307

Settlement Services are also available for all Permanent Residents. Please see CKBSS for more information.