Seniors Services Cartwright, Mather RM of Roblin

SSCMR (Senior Services Cartwright, Mather Roblin) is a non profit organization which helps enabled, disabled and older community members who live within Cartwright, Mather and the RM of Roblin. Services provided include: housecleaning, lawn and garden work, snow removal, minor home repairs, driver to appointments, meal delivery, (all are a fee for service). 

Requests for services may be made by phoning the Seniors Coordinator at 529 2590 (at any time and if unstaffed, a message can be left on an answering machine) or calling in at the Municipal Office, 485 Curwen Street, Cartwright. The Senior Coordinator’s office days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

 Other Services: 

  • Handi Van is available for hire with or without driver.
  • Erik Kits or Emergency Response Information Kits is important for medical emergencies.
  • Parking Permit - available for short term use.
  • Meals on wheels from Davidson Memorial Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Life Line is a response system which enables continued independence and reassurance of safety for seniors and their family
  • South Central Cancer Resource - provides support with transportation and information, and SSCMR is affiliated to SCCR.
  • Age Friendly Council aims to make our community user friendly for all ages, and to raise awareness of the benefits of intergenerational activity. SSCMR is affiliated with this council
  • Seniors Day Out Program runs Tuesdays and Thursdays out of the Davidson Memorial. Helping seniors to get out and about in the surrounding area, prevents loneliness and isolation. Contact Della Dyck – Homecare Case Coordinator 523-3226 or Seniors Coordinator 529-2590.
  • Mather Community Meals are available once a month in November, January, February and March. These meals provide community fellowship during the winter months, and money made at these meals is used for Mather community projects.
  • Mobility Aids available for loan include collapsible wheelchair, walker, canes, quad cane, shower commode.  To borrow any item, please call Lynn at Senior Services at 529-2590, or Shirley at 529-2259, or Mary 529-2086.  No Charge, although donations are welcome - Cartwright-Mather Hospital Auxilary.
  • South Central Cancer Resource (please click on the following attachment for more information)
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