Dental Care

Dental care is available in nearby Killarney or Crystal City.

A new business creation just introduced and sponsored by the Roblin-Cartwright Community Development Corporation:

CARTWRIGHT DENTAL is a new dental service located in Cartwright, MB.  The dental laboratory is the place where your prosthetics are created.  Using all gathered information, over 14 years of experience, certified materials and equipment, this is the place where your new smile begins.  Being a client of Cartwright Dental, you can have free information and consultations about warranty and how to care for your new prosthetics to make their life long and comfortable.  Crowns and bridges, removable metal casting partials with clasps and attachments are a few of the products that can be produced and available right now!

    * Until May 1, 2014, Cartwright Dental is offering a 20% discount for the technician part of the payment!  For more details and questions, email Sergiy Pyrozhok at or ask your dentist.