CKB Settlement Services

Cartwright Killarney Boissevain (CKB)

 Settlement Services

The purpose of CKB Settlement Services is to provide a resource for newcomers, employers and the communities of Cartwright, Killarney and Boissevain, their municipalities and surrounding communities through the provision of regional settlement services.

What are Settlement Services?

Settlement Services are assistance to people learning to live in a new country and to help people develop knowledge and skills to settle and adapt into life in rural Manitoba.

We can provide: (all services are free of charge)

  • Information for exploratory visits and pre-arrival
  • Welcome and orientation to the community and Canada
  • Assistance in form completion and application including Social Insurance Number, Manitoba Health, Child Tax Benefit, school registration, Pharmacare, Manitoba Housing, etc
  • Assistance with Permanent Residency, Provincial Nominee, Sponsorship and Citizenship application
  • Support, information and assistance concerning immigration issues
  • Advocacy
  • Commissioner of Oaths and Notary Public services

For more information or assistance, contact:

Dustin Mymko

Settlement Services Officer


(204) 529-2307

Services in Killarney and Boissevain are available Monday to Friday, upon request.  Please call Dustin to make an appointment at (204) 529-2307.

Services in Cartwright are available Monday to Friday, Municipal Office, 485 Curwen St., Cartwright.

Funding assistance provided by Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC).