Welcome to New-Comers

We look forward to welcoming you to the place we choose to be our home!

The Cartwright, Mather and  RM of Roblin area is a great place to live because of the beautiful nature, clean environment, affordable housing and lot prices, and a variety of job opportunities.  Cartwright and Mather are located within the RM of Roblin, just a few miles north of the Canada/ U.S. border along #3 highway.  Come and visit us!

Settlement Services and information for newcomers and immigrants are available at the Municipal/Village Office in Cartwright with Community Development Officer Dustin Mymko.  Contact Dustin at (204) 529-2307 or by email:cdo@cartwrightroblin.ca

Camping  Serviced sites are available at Heritage Park (204)529-2363 and Rock Lake (204) 529-2365.  Camping can also be accomodated in Mather by calling (204) 529-2213 or 529-2206.

Fun  There is always something fun to do in our communities, but Ponderosa Days held at August long weekend ensure fun and activities for the whole family; pie auctions, local music, farmers market, pancake breakfast, water fun, baseball games, parade social, and lots, lots more!

Activities  Cartwright Town and Country Golf Club - This 9 hole course offers affordable golfing with licensed clubhouse.  It is located 3 miles west of Cartwright on Highway #3.  Phone (204) 529-2260 for more information. Rock Lake Beach - Located a few miles north just off Highway #5, Rock Lake provides ampleopportunity for camping, boating, fishing (summer and winter), and swimming.  The Rock Lake Beach Store and coffee shop, open year round, accommodates the needs of cabin owners and touists offering fishing licenses, seasonal lot rentals and full service camping; phone (204) 529-2365.  Rock Lake Nature Trail - walk back with nature - just off the road to Rock Lake Beach.  Badger Creek Park - northeast of town, this park provides the setting ideal to relax and unwind while the kids swim and play by the beach with ample parking, BBQs and play equipment.  Mather Park - An age-friendly welcome awaits you in Mather at the play area adjuacent to the Post Office - why not rest and enjoy while the kids play. 

HISTORY - Historical Veiwing Area - A viewing area has been developed approximately 2 miles north of Cartwright for visitors to see a magnificent site of clay banks and bison jump which was utilized by Sonata and Besant cultures with certain areas being authenticated as having settlements dating back approximately 2500 years.  Anglican Church - this stone church was built in 1897 and has recently been retored.  Blacksmith Museum - Loacated on its original site in the center of Cartwright, the museum is a fully restored and working Blacksmith shop; open upon request, phone (204) 529-2363.  Heritage Museums - Open June to August and by request.  Badger Creek Museum contains local area artifacts as well as agricultural, rural and family life historical pieces.  The School Museum dispalys variousitems found in an early pioneer school.  Todd's Shoe Repair shows local small business in its best setting.  Manitoba Telephone System recalls the earliest days of telephone service and the equipped Post Office was relocated from Mather.  Work continues on expanding the building collection by the addition of Heritage House; a chance to see historical artifacts in an authentic setting. Phone (204) 529-2363.  The Rock - moved by road on a metal skid from its original location to the center of Mather as a Commemorative Marker.  The rock was balanced on the skid with railway ties and due to the friction of the road and skid it developed enough heat to start the railway ties on fire.  Check out the display of rail line whick was adbondoned in July 2008.  Memorial "Brick Wall" - created for Mather's Centennial in 1997.  There are over 550 family names on it of past and present area residents.  Come and see- it is amazing how a name can evoke so many memories.