Cartwright/Roblin Historical Society

Cartwright/Ro[img_assist|nid=1046|title=Blacksmith Museum|desc=Blacksmith Museum|link=none|align=left|width=391|height=232]blin Historical Society

The Cartwright/Roblin Historical Society is dedicated to promoting the preservation of history relevant to the Village of Cartwright and the R.M. of Roblin by encouraging restoration of buildings, bridges, other man-made structures and any other items of historical interest.


It is run by a group of volunteers dedicated to the above.  Anyone is welcome to join at no cost except for thier time and dedication.  Meetings and work parties are held at the call of the Chairperson usually at the library or at a site that is being worked on.


The Cartwright/Roblin Historical Society is funded mainly by fundraisers in the community, such as the tractor run on August long weekend and various raffles held through out the year.  It also receives yearly grants from the Village and the R.M.  Grants from other government departments are also applied for on a yearly basis. Donations are sometimes received from private donors. 


Please view the other historical related information on this website, such as the Historical Points of Interest Brochure, the Heritage Park Museums, the Blacksmith Museum.

For more information or if you have inter[img_assist|nid=1282|title=Heritage Park Museums|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=809|height=192]est in joining, contact Gloria @ 529-2391  or  Al @ 529-2546