The Handivan is used for activities and outings planned by Senior Services, but is also available for private hire.

The Handivan holds 12 passengers and 2 wheel chairs.

For Medical Appointments: $0.45/kilometer plus $125.00/hour for driver

For Private Hire with your own driver: $0.75/kilometer, which includes gas. It would cost $0.45/kilometer if you fill it with gas on your own.

(If using your own driver, they must pocess a Class 4 license or better.  A copy of the license, a driver's abstract  and a signed rental agreement must be submitted to JK Insurance and Karly at Senior Services 2 working days prior to the rental of the Handivan.)

Please Book Ahead.

To book the Handivan, call Pam at 529-2363 or 529-2590