Ambulance and Fire crews


Pictured here is the current Fire and Ambulance Hall.

The Cartwright-Roblin Ambulance Service began in 1975, run by the Village of Cartwright and the RM of Roblin, staffed by volunteers and funded by Manitoba Health.  Over the years it has remained a casually staffed station, but is now run and funded by the Assiniboine Regional Health Authority.  Current ambulance crew members are trained to the Emergency Technician Level. 

 Currently the ambulance crew is looking for new recruits!  The job is basically a volunteer commitment, but with a small amount of pay when a member is on call.  Those interested in joining would have to complete an Emergency Technician course, and then keep up their skills by attending monthly meetings.  The councils of the RM of Roblin and the Village of Cartwright have committed funds towards the training of new members.   If you want to make a difference in your community and do something with huge satisfaction, consider this great opportunity!  For more information contact Laurence Klassen at 529-2433.


The Cartwright-Roblin Fire Department began as the Fire Brigade in 1901.  In 1962 the RM of Roblin and the Village of Cartwright formed a joint fire department staffed by volunteers.  The fire department remains a volunteer service, but has continued to upgrade and impove their skills and equipment.  Many members have Level I Fire Fighting Training, some having Level II.  The current Fire Chief is Laurence Klassen.  For more information about the fire department or interest in joining, contact Laurence at 529-2433.